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As I’m on holiday and I’m full of free time I’ve decided to resume my old habit of painting. So here we go again.
Brad Pitt making process
I’m back

So hi. I’ve been quite a long time without uploading nothing. It’s not like a don’t paint anymore (well, bc of my lack of time is something like that) but I’m so messed up because personal reasons (and also studies) and that actually leaves me no time to do anything. However, I felt so bad about this empty blog so I decided to upload some shitty paintings. They are not a big deal but I just wanted to feel like I wasn’t leaving this blog all alone. (Sorry for my english)


Tate Langdon of American Horror Story
I decided to draw the front of Sleeping With Sirens’ single ‘Dead Walker Texas Ranger’. I hope you like it.

For some time now I’ve been a bit attracted by the mexican skulls so I decided to draw my own one. Here is the result in b&w and colour.